Autumn in Paris one day forbid the use of personal vehicles

© AFP 2017 / Patrick KovarikВид in Paris, France. Archival photoAutumn in Paris one day forbid the use of personal vehicles© 2017 AFP / Patrick Kovarik

The use of personal vehicles will be October 1, banned in the French capital – so the authorities of Paris decided to celebrate the Day without cars, according to the newspaper Parisien.

«The city Council is the Day without cars for the third time, and this year, traffic restrictions will be introduced in size XXL», — says the publication.

The material States that this year the event will be the largest in previous years for motorists was closed some streets.

A ban on the movement of cars and motorcycles will operate from 11.00 to 18.00 local time. It will not apply to cars of rescuers and doctors, taxis and similar car services, public transport and those business owners who can confirm the need to work on Sunday. However, for these categories there will be a limit — the speed should not exceed 30 kilometers per hour.

«The idea is to show a different life to the city without cars. It was done in order to slow down the tourism, on the contrary. We see how well the attractiveness of Paris affected by the introduction of pedestrian zones in embankments», — the newspaper quoted the Deputy mayor of Moscow Christophe Najdovski.

The restrictions will not get a ring road and two major forest — the Boulogne and Vincennes. The morning without cars everyone will be able to come to Paris, to Park trucks and go for a walk around the city on foot.