Began «field testing» of Russian exoskeleton «Actually»

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in photobacteria exoskeletons ActuallyBegan «field testing» of Russian exoskeleton «Actually»© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

In a Clinical center named after MF Vladimir (MONICA) began testing the exoskeleton «Actually», created by Russian specialists. For training selected 6 stroke patients with the diagnosis «multiple sclerosis».Within 2 weeks these patients will be held 10 trainings in the «Exoskeleton». For training in MONICA delivered 2 upgraded exoskeleton that is constantly being improved by developers. The first training takes place in the bars, and then gradually patients start to walk forward.

«The task of rehabilitation, — says the Manager of the company «Exoatlet» Olga Demkina, is to learn a pattern of motion that the hip was rising above and moving on the right path. And we are already seeing, after three sessions in the exoskeleton, as some patients undergo the corridor – there and back without any other devices. The first ten exercises walking is controlled by the assistant through the tablet, there is a specially designed program. And when the patient himself is ready to manage your walk — that is, for example, in the case of loss of balance press the button and stop, we’re giving him the «smart crutch», in which is mounted a control panel».Such tests are in MONICA the second time. The trials involved novel Chekhunov himself on a speciality the engineer-designer, worked all his life in the NPO.With..The Lavochkin. He quite appreciates the advantages of training in «Actualite»: «After the first training course on «Actualite» I began to walk. Before that I was lying. This is a significant step forward. Then after about a month I was walking without crutches at all, but, unfortunately, after a month had to go back to him. Now after three days of lessons, I go in the house without any gadgets.»

© RIA Novosti / A. Ormanagement of Chekhunov trains in the «Exoskeleton»Began «field testing» of Russian exoskeleton «Actually»© RIA Novosti / A. Ormanagement of Chekhunov trains in the «Exoskeleton»

According to statistics, in Russia there are 600,000 strokes per year. 10% of all patients who received a stroke, immediately ready to start training in the «Actualite». That is, 60 thousand people per year get the opportunity to go, which means that for such patients, the path to freedom and a normal life. While post-stroke patients trying to rehabilitate with the help of experts. But the number of cases grows every year, and experts already are sorely lacking. Great hope physicians — that robotic development. And yet, it is only one step of a comprehensive rehabilitation.

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Says Sergey Kotov – head of the neurological Department, head of the Department of neurology of the postgraduate medical faculty of GBUZ MO MONICA, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor:

«We have in mind is the Betz cells. They convey information from the brain to the spinal cord. Had a stroke. Now the way from the cells of Betz to the spinal cord is damaged. And, as a result, the signal for the execution of the correct movement, but it never reaches the muscles. As a result the muscles just tense up, and there is a strong tone which is also very harmful to proper motion. We first remove this tone with the help of botulinum toxin injections, and then using the exoskeleton, forced to work it right.»

The exoskeleton restores the entire complex: walking, maintaining posture, maintaining balance. In addition, powerful influence on the emotional sphere: the person can walk again! As a result, according to the doctors, the man comes out of post-stroke depression, and with improving speech, ability to focus, the execution of commands. That is, training not only the ability to walk and even think.
At the moment there are pilot studies of training in «Actualite», so picked up a fairly «easy» patients. Further, when accumulated experience and proven reliability, you can go to the «heavy» patients.