FANO will support research on the unique boron neutron capture therapy of cancer

© Fotolia / science photoЛаборатория. Archival photoFANO will support research on the unique boron neutron capture therapy of cancer© Fotolia / science photo

The Federal Agency for scientific organizations (FANO) intends to support research on the unique boron neutron capture cancer therapy for the treatment of brain tumors is to bring the technology to clinical trials, said at the forum «tehnoprom-2017» the Agency head Mikhail kotyukov.

Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) allows to treat glioblastoma and other brain cancers with the use of the created in the Institute of nuclear physics, specifically for this method, the accelerator neutron source. Bnst allows to selectively destroy tumor cells because they, unlike healthy accumulated a stable isotope of boron — boron-10. The patient is irradiated with neutrons, which, in turn, is well captured by the nuclei of boron. The result inside the cell is a nuclear reaction, and if the cell is cancerous, it will die.

«Today there is a very interesting idea of development of boron neutron capture therapy. This brand of leadership research on a world scale. These implemented technologies in the world. Working on it many countries, but today we have not only the idea, and there is the device – the prototype, created in the metal. We are at the base of the Siberian regions are prepared to make in the stage of pre-clinical and clinical trials,» said Kotyukov.

Formerly Director of the Institute of nuclear physics SB RAS Pavel Logachev reported that scientists plan to 2020 to begin clinical trials of the boron neutron capture therapy of cancer. According to him, with the support FANO has to be reconstructed the building of a clinic that requires about 100 million rubles.