Found in Moscow of the XVI century, the remains reburied in the Orthodox rite

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polycomposite in fotomasterov of the Conception of St. Anna in ZaryadyeFound in Moscow of the XVI century, the remains reburied in the Orthodox rite© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polycomposite the image Bank

Found along the Kitay-Gorod wall, the remains of the XVI century, reburied in the Orthodox rite, RIA real Estate Executive Director of «Capital archaeological Bureau» Maria Kalashnikova.

The cemetery belonged to the Church of the Conception of Anna in the corner, said Molochnikova. «In this area of the capital lived the inhabitants of Zaradye. The remains are planned to be reburied in the Orthodox rite,» added Molochnikova.

As she said, they were found when observed under the program «My street «. It was found 150 human remains.

The chief archaeologist of Moscow Leonid Kondrashov has confirmed that in the underground room Kitaygorodsky wall was discovered stockpiles of human bones.

«As found by the archaeologists, it is obvious that the wall construction in the XVI century builders found an old necropolis, laid his bones in the underground room and bricked it. On top of this place deposited cultural layer XVI century, who also studied by archaeologists,» — said Kondrashov.

According to Molochnikova, in the Kitay-Gorod wall was the underground room which contained the kernel, gunpowder and other ammunition. «During the construction of the wall has damaged a piece of the cemetery, which was located nearby. Bones piled in one of those rooms, and then covered with earth. And the bones remained there until the present time,» said Kalashnikova.