In Buryatia, the area of forest fires has decreased

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoballoliscio forest fires. Archival photoIn Buryatia, the area of forest fires has decreased© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The area of forest fires in Buryatia decreased from 1.6 thousand to 1.4 thousand hectares, and increasingly found problematic to extinguish the fires, which are caused by dry thunderstorms, said on Wednesday morning Republican forestry Agency.

In past days the area of forest fires increased from 1.45 thousand to 1.6 thousand hectares.

The Ministry reported that on Wednesday morning in the Republic was recorded 13 fires in Kizhinginsky, the Baikal, North Baikal, Selenga, Tarbagatai, kubanska, mukhorshibirskiy areas. Three of the localized lesion and ten continue to operate on the area about 1,4 thousand hectares. The day was liquidated four fires.

«Foresters of Buryatia are increasingly finding forest fires caused by dry thunderstorms. Since the beginning of the fire season was 46 such centers. These lesions are considered to be more problematic for several reasons. First, these fires often occur in remote places… secondly, they do not give a clear release smoke, which could see the group of ground patrols. It may take several days until the lesion will not be detected by air or land means of monitoring,» — said in the message.

In the extinguishing work 476 people and 71 pieces of equipment. Also involved helicopter Mi-8.

In the Republic the emergency mode. People’s access to forest is prohibited.