In “Kuskovo” will show the furniture and costumes of the 13th century

© RIA Novosti / Yuri Overdoses Pyotr Sheremetyev, an architectural-Park ensemble of Kuskovo. Archival photoIn “Kuskovo” will show the furniture and costumes of the 13th century© RIA Novosti / Yuriy Kaver

Two exhibitions dedicated to the 13th century, will open June 21 at the Museum-estate «Kuskovo», the website of the government of Moscow. In the first exhibition, «Elegance in French» 40 costumes of nobles and servants. All the clothes are an exact copy of dresses of the Enlightenment. The costumes are recreated to show the development of fashion throughout the century.

The exhibition will run until 17 September.

In the framework of the second exhibition — «French Chest in «chess»» — will be presented to the recreated interior of the Palace and Park pavilions, the heyday of the summer residence Sheremeteva (1770-1780-ies).

The Museum will present original works of painting and applied arts, and furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries. So, in the Palace of Peter Sheremetev show French commode second half 18th century. In 1871, after the death of count Dmitry Sheremetev, the chest was transported to the Museum-estate «Ostankino». There he is first mentioned in the «Records of the old chorus» of the 1890-ies as «chest French in «chess», the top is marble plate». Furniture, inlaid in a similar way, was considered at that time a luxury item, and bought her a very wealthy aristocrats.The exhibition will run until October 1.