In Murmansk, the snow fell

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in fotobanka. Archival photoIn Murmansk, the snow fell© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

The Arctic cyclone brought snow to the Kola Peninsula, the temperature dropped to plus one degree, according to Murmansk meteorological centre.

Users of social networks upload photos of snow swept the streets and courtyards of Murmansk, Kirovsk, Severomorsk and mocks the «Northern summer.»

Just wanted to advise to the ocean to go to Murmansk))))

— Popov 3A (@sZ3eR5rOV2CBIXy) 21 Jun 2017

As noted by the meteorologist, all because of a cyclone coming from the Arkhangelsk region.

«In the Murmansk region is expected to passage of atmospheric fronts, heavy rain, wet snow, gusty North wind, the prevailing air temperature plus one to plus six degrees,» — said forecasters.

The Murmansk. 21 Jun 2017

Serpent (@udaff_ka) 21 Jun 2017

The residents of the Murmansk region complain on social networks for the cold in the apartments — Central heating is already turned off, and in some areas no hot water due to scheduled maintenance.

Murmansk, 20th Ibra 2017.

— Team of ZinaPortnova (@Zn_Portnova) 21 Jun 2017