In North Ossetia to evacuate people from a camp site where a shower washed away the bridge

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in photosangelina machine MOE. Archival photoIn North Ossetia to evacuate people from a camp site where a shower washed away the bridge© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

Rescue workers evacuated tourists from the tourist center «Hot springs» in North Ossetia, where the rain washed away the bridge, reports of EMERCOM in North Ossetia.

Earlier it was reported that in North Ossetia because of the rise of the water level in the river Suidan there was a rush of gas pipeline, no gas left more than 1.8 thousand people, in addition, washed away the bridge. On the Transcaucasian highway has descended SEL, the movement was closed after midnight.

«The rescuers of North Ossetian search and rescue team of EMERCOM of Russia started evacuation of people, which «locked» in the camp «Hot springs» because of the flood washed away the bridge over the river Casadecor. Rescuers stretched the air crossing at which they take tourists to the «great land», — stated in the message.

Cut off from the village Bergsang remain residents of four private homes – only 12 people are added to the message. In the morning, started the repair section of the pipeline feeding the village Suadag, the Lower and Upper Bergsang. The estimated completion time of emergency recovery operations — 18.00 Wednesday, added the Agency.

«On the Transcaucasian highway, work is continuing on clearing the roadway of debris from the masses that came down yesterday in the village of tamisk and health» — said the MOE.

According to the rescue Department in the morning because of the degradation of the river Haznidon electric poles without the electric power there were two settlements Ardonskiy district: village of Kadgaron and the village of Michurino, as well as one town of Alagir district — village Chateldon. «Only 972 of private households with a population of 5,781 thousand person, including 963 children. Arrived at the scene the operative group Ardonskiy fire rescue garrison», — stated in the message.

Because of the element in the settlements, Crow and Nogkau washed away bridges, but roads are. Flooded houses and the grounds no, says MOE.