Indian authorities advised pregnant women to forget about love

© Fotolia / Joanna ZielinskaБеременная woman with a glass of wineIndian authorities advised pregnant women to forget about love© Fotolia / Joanna Zielinska

The government of India had issued a pamphlet in which pregnant women are advised to avoid meat products, chicken eggs and lustful thoughts, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

«The brochure contains relevant facts extracted from clinical practice in the field of yoga and naturopathy» — said the Minister of traditional medicine of India Sripad Nike.

The memo was prepared by the Central Council for research in yoga and naturopathy, which is part of the Indian Ministry of health. Yoga as a combination of bodily and spiritual practices is one of the six directions of Orthodox Hinduism. The values of the religion, according to the newspaper, actively defends Prime Minister Narendra modi, which, in particular, has restricted the transportation and slaughter of cows, a sacred animal for Hindus.

«Pregnant women should avoid (sexual) desire, anger, attachment, hatred and lust,» reads the brochure.

The memo was criticized by members of the public. Doctor Amit Sengupta, paying attention to the recommendation about meat, noted that malnutrition is a major cause of infant and maternal mortality in India. According to the latest data, which leads the doctor per 100 thousand pregnancies have 174 maternal deaths, which is a very high rate. So Sengupta was named the Council of the government demonstrating the «backward thinking» and instilling hostility to science.

«Such advice harm the health of women,» she said.