Leaks from manning didn’t harm US, media reported

© AFP 2017Штаб of the Ministry of defense. Archival photoLeaks from manning didn’t harm US, media reported© AFP 2017

Leaks of classified information, carried out by the informant Chelsea manning (formerly Bradley manning) did not cause US real damage, reported Tuesday by BuzzFeed News, who got a secret Pentagon report from 2011.

«In the hundreds of thousands of Iraq-related military and diplomatic documents declassified manning, the report said that «with a high degree of confidence this will have a direct impact on the current and past U.S. leadership in Iraq,» the article reads.

It also notes that «in respect of another batch of documents published in the same year, the US military operations in Afghanistan, said that it «will not have a material impact» on U.S. operations.» Thus, according to BuzzFeed News, the report refers to «potential serious damage to intelligence sources, informants and the Afghan population».

The entire report is 107 pages.

It reminds edition, previously, the U.S. government argued that the transfer of American Meninga Wikileaks documents is a serious threat to U.S. national security. was recognized by the court as a woman and took the name Chelsea.

Last week, manning (to change sex — Bradley manning) stated that it saw no threat to U.S. national security in the disclosure of sensitive data.

Manning was released from prison in the U.S. after seven years of imprisonment is appointed for the leak of secret documents 35-year period. The sentence for the WikiLeaks informant has reduced the ex-US President Barack Obama shortly before leaving office.