Mexican journalists demanded to investigate information about government surveillance

© AFP 2017 / Hector Guerrero.Mexico. Archival photoMexican journalists demanded to investigate information about government surveillance© AFP 2017 / Hector Guerrero.

Nine victims programs for spying filed a statement demanding the investigation to the attorney General of Mexico, reports the New York Times.

Earlier laboratory Citizen Lab of Toronto University, in his report said that Mexican journalists, lawyers and activists have become targets of spyware programs created in Israel and «sold exclusively to governments.» The purpose of the spy programs were also involved in the investigation of cases of corruption and alleged human rights violations from the security services. They have received messages containing links. After the owner of the device passed by reference, the device becomes open for surveillance.

According to the newspaper, the spyware program is called «Pegasus» (Pegasus), it is capable of tracking calls, text messages and email on your mobile phone. It is reported that the program was sold to the Mexican government, «on the strict condition that it will only be used against terrorists and criminal gangs».

Those who require the investigation claim that a truly independent investigation can only be guaranteed if it will be attended by an international group of experts, the newspaper said.

It is noted that in the report of the Citizen Lab is no convincing evidence that spyware programs are connected with certain government agencies in Mexico.

The government of Mexico categorically denies that spying on human rights defenders, journalists, activists.