Movie premieres of the week: the return of the «Transformers» and «Cool tango» Chukhrai

© Fotolia / Tyler OlsonЗрители in the cinemaMovie premieres of the week: the return of the «Transformers» and «Cool tango» Chukhrai© Fotolia / Tyler Olson

War drama of Paul chuhraja «Cool tango», the popular blockbuster «transformers: the Last knight», a movie based on a true military operation of world war II «Anthropoid» and the French Comedy about the life of stars «Forever young» appear on the screen in the upcoming Thursday.

Cold tango

War drama directed by Pavel Chukhrai, the author of such films as «the Thief» and «Driver for Vera» tells the story of two people whose encounter took place in Lithuania in 1940-ies. The story unfolds in a small town, which survived the occupation of German troops during the Second world war. Returning home, the protagonist Max in the performance of Rinal Mukhametov, falls in love with a Lithuanian girl lime (played by Yulia Peresild), but soon learns that his fiancee is the daughter of his sworn enemy. The premiere took place at the film festival in Sochi, where the Director awarded a special prize «For the honor, dignity and devotion to cinema.»

Yulia Peresild considers the work with Pavel Chukhrai new stage in her career, and her co-star Rinal Mukhametov admitted that the film allowed him rethink many things. «It’s not an entertaining movie, but we can only watch entertainment movie, otherwise we will not develop», — told Peresild at a press conference timed to the release of pictures in wide release.

Transformers: the Last knight

The popular franchise ‘transformers’ returns to the screens three years after the release of the fourth part of the movie. The Creator of the history of robots Michael Bay, the winner of two «Golden Malin» and the title of «Worst Director» for blockbusters of this series, with enviable persistence continues to shoot pictures of the war machines and people. The plot of a new episode of «transformers: the Last knight», the main narrator Optimus Prime disappeared. People continue to fight the Transformers, and only Cade Yeager in the performance of Mark Wahlberg is doing everything to save they shoot robots. Meanwhile, in different parts of the world an unidentified structures, the mystery which well-known historian Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins). The heroes have to join forces to stop the imminent disaster.

A rating of the expectations on the movie website Rotten Tomatoes was only 16%. While a critic of the New York Daily News Ariel Scotti notes that, despite the gloomy plot, the film is not devoid of humor. «One of the strengths of the franchise is the ability to balance action scenes with endless explosions and comic panels. The salvation of earth and humanity is here by your side jokes to the delight of the audience,» she writes.


The film by British filmmaker Sean Ellis called «Anthropoid» is based on real events. Material for the story was the same military operation: heroes of the Czechoslovak Resistance it was necessary to eliminate one of the leaders of the Third Reich Reinhard Heydrich, nicknamed the «butcher of Prague» due to its incredible cruelty. An important mission is in jeopardy when one of the commandos falls in love. Starring in the war drama, played by Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy.

The rating of critics on the website Rotten Tomatoes was 6.5 points out of 10. Critic of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo Alberto Bermejo notes that strong acting Duo picture can not save. «This film relies on the professional composition, but suffers from a simplified view on the bloodthirsty ferocity of the Nazis, drawing its own soldiers as a bunch of talentless robots,» he writes.

Forever young

The star of the movie «fall in love with me if you dare» Guillaume Canet filmed a Comedy about a married couple of two actors, where he and played a major role. Myself in my partner he invited the French star and, in fact, his civil wife Marion Cotillard. Think Kane makes a film about real people: he did not even bother to come up with new names for the characters, certainly reminiscent of them. In the story, Guillaume was once a sex symbol and basked in the glory, but for forty years his popularity has waned. While it to the extreme annoying wife, who is at the peak of his career. Guillaume decides to urgently change your life, getting in many ridiculous situations.

The critic of the magazine the Hollywood Reporter, Jordan Mintzer finds that heroes Cana was extremely realistic, but the film lost some credibility due to the large amount of makeup and other reincarnations. «Kane deserves respect for taking the risk to go to such extremes, and that have relied on satire, not smoothing the corners as it does in most paintings about the film industry. You could say it’s a bold move,» writes Mintzer.