Named the most dangerous country for priests

© Flickr / 16:9clueШтат Chiapas. MexicoNamed the most dangerous country for priests© Flickr / 16:9clue

The most dangerous country for Christian clergy in Mexico is only for the last three years it had killed 15 priests, according to the publication Christian Today, citing a study.

Over the past 26 years have been attacked 61 Mexican priest. In the Catholic media centre of Mexico considered that such a situation was the result of raising the overall level of violence in the country.

«Freedom of religion in Mexico is destroyed organized crime,» — said the head of the organization, Sergio Aguilar.

The persecution of the Catholic Church, according to him, recently «moved to a new level.» Now, in addition to violence, the Church servants are «public slander and defamation».

In media center I believe that priests persecuted the members of the drug cartels. In may, the number of clerics received threats demanding «pay tribute» for the fact that their churches are not attacked.

«We cannot remain silent in the face of such great barbarity. We need our pastors were bold and agree with this great but suffering people,» urges Aguilar.