Russian su-27 intercepted a reconnaissance aircraft, over the Baltic States

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Russia on Monday raised the su-27 to intercept the target over the neutral waters of the Baltic sea, it was an American reconnaissance plane RC-135, the defense Ministry reported.

The Ministry said that the RC-135 flew in the direction of the Russian border. During maintenance of American aircraft tried to get close to su-27 and performed a provocative reversal. The Russian pilot responded to the maneuver and continued support of reconnaissance aircraft, until he turned away from the border of the country.

Ten minutes after the incident with the spy plane of the US over the Baltic sea in the area entered another RC-135, which had also intercepted a Russian su-27.

According to the defense Ministry, just in the last week the spy planes of the US and NATO countries had committed more than half a dozen flights over the Baltic sea near Russia’s borders.

The Ministry said that all flights by Russian fighter jets over neutral waters of the Baltic sea carried out in strict compliance with international rules.

The Reaction Of The Pentagon

In the US, the interception by the aircraft of Russian air force reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. air force in the Baltic sea area is called unsafe.

«Due to the high rate of convergence and weak control over the aircraft during the interception of this interaction is regarded as unsafe,» — said in a release sent to RIA Novosti statement by the Pentagon.

The American military said that their aircraft did not commit the provocative maneuvers. «We were operating in international airspace and did nothing to provoke these actions,» Reuters quoted Pentagon spokesman captain Jeff Davis.

Previously, the rapprochement of the Russian fighter with the U.S. air force plane over the Baltic sea was reported by Fox News channel citing the sources. According to the channel, the distance between the aircraft was ostensibly about one and a half meters.

Only according to Fox News, «June 2 in the Baltic sea area recorded more than 35 so-called «interactions» between the American and Russian military aircraft and ships.» Several incidents occurred during naval exercises Baltops, which were held in the Baltic sea from June 1 to 18.

Recent cases of interception

On the sixth of June the Russian defense Ministry has reported the interception of a strategic bomber B-52. The su-27 was accompanied by American aircraft, until he departed from the borders of Russia, and then returned to their base.

The Pentagon said that the aircraft B-52’s performed «ordinary mission» in international airspace over the Baltic sea at the time of interception. Then, the office noted that «the vast majority» of such maneuvers of the Russian VKS perform «safely and professionally.»

According to the commander of the Sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy and NATO strike forces of Vice-Admiral Christopher Grady, the bombers are in the region within the framework of routine interaction with partners, and in the intercept is not unusual.

The tenth of June, the Pentagon reported another similar case: then the su-27 was intercepted in the sky over the Baltic sea tanker aircraft KC-135 accompanying a group of American bombers in exercises Baltops.

Characteristics of the aircraft

Electronic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135U Combat Sent is created on the basis of the Boeing 367-80 and first took to the air in 1964. It is designed for strategic electronic intelligence, radio intercepts, and tracking land, sea and air forces of the enemy. The technical equipment allows it to directly pass intelligence to the Pentagon and the White house.

The crew of the aircraft consists of at least 23 people, including ten electronic warfare officers and six specialists in the region.

Intelligence US plans

At the end of may, RT reported that according to the contract posted on the public procurement portal USA plans to create a new intelligence service, which will conduct activity on the territory of the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

A new intelligence group placed, including, in territory of military base camp Bondsteel, which is located near the town of uroševac in Kosovo. There is a Multinational task force «East» under the command of the United States – part of the international NATO forces.

Division staff will review data, plan and organize reconnaissance operations.

According to the Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Vladimir Kozin, USA and NATO must be maintained in the face of Russia «the enemy» to justify its spending on the army.

«Intelligence agencies just provide the image in the face of Russia. For example, if you look at the activity of the United States and NATO in the air, after of 2014 it increased almost ten times. Reconnaissance planes of the U.S. air force and NATO are constantly over the Baltic sea and the Black sea area. And military activity near the borders with Russia has increased five times,» said Kozin on radio Sputnik.