Scientists have found in ancient Egypt denture on Earth

© Photo : University of Basel/LHTT, Matjaž KačičnikПротез feet, made for the daughter of the Egyptian priest of about 3 thousand years agoScientists have found in ancient Egypt denture on Earth© photo : University of Basel/LHTT, Matjaž Kačičnik

The archaeologists found in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian noble women are potentially the oldest on Earth, prosthesis, replacing lost part of her right foot, reports the press service of the University of Basel.

This artifact, as Suzanne Bickel (Susanne Bickel), the head of the excavation, was found in the necropolis near Luxor, in the place which today bears the name of Sheikh ADB El-Qurna. Here are buried the remains of notable people who lived in the vicinity of the capital of Ancient Egypt is approximately 3.5 to 3 thousand years ago, in the era of the New Kingdom, the time of maximum flowering of the «Kingdom of the two houses.»

In Sheikh ADB El-Qurna, according to the researchers, in recent years we have found several dozen new tombs carved in the rocks, some of which were robbed before scientists found them. Studying one of these tombs, Bickel and her colleagues stumbled on a more modest burial ground, carved into the rocks «on top» of an ancient mausoleum.

This tomb also was robbed, but inside it, scientists have found the remains of the amazing mummies and related unique discoveries that fundamentally changed our understanding of ancient Egyptian medicine.

The fact that the woman’s leg, buried in this tomb about three thousand years ago, at the dawn of the New Kingdom era, was attached to a real prosthetic leg, while carefully crafted by an unknown master, who had a good knowledge of anatomy and skills of woodcarving.

This prosthesis was ideally adjusted to the shape of the leg of the deceased girl who has lost her thumb and about half of the right foot, and was very securely attached thereto by means of a complex system of straps and mounts. As shown by x-ray photographs of the mummy and tomographic images, it was repeatedly altered and adjusted to the shape of the leg Egyptian women.

Thanks to this prosthesis, in contrast to the primitive wooden leg of later historical periods, did not prevent her to walk and stand, and also possessed a form as similar to the leg of his owner. Such a complex and beautiful denture, as suggested by archaeologists indicates that high-born women and the availability of large resources and influence. Now Swiss archaeologists and their Egyptian colleagues continue the excavation in Sheikh ADB El-Qurna in the hope of finding other «high-tech» artifacts of the epoch of blossoming of Ancient Egypt.