Scientists have named the cause of the flourishing populations of dinosaurs

© RIA Novosti/Avrora . Anton filenamesmode of dinosaurs. Archival photoScientists have named the cause of the flourishing populations of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti/Avrora . Anton Filanovich

A group of scientists from the University of Oxford in the UK set the most probable cause where on Earth has spread to the dinosaurs. The study is available on the portal EurekAlert!.

The spread of the dinosaurs, scientists believe, has contributed to the volcanism, in which approximately 201,5 million years ago released into the atmosphere large amounts of carbon dioxide. This has led, in turn, to the Triassic extinction, resulting in vacant ecological niches later occupied by the dinosaurs.

The scientists explained their findings the data obtained during the study of samples from six sites of the Central Atlantic magmatic province. In five of them, researchers have documented high levels of mercury related to historic boundary between the Triassic and Jurassic periods.