The Chairman of Yabloko, commented on the arisen in the party differences

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotoreceptor of the Yabloko party Emilia Slabunov. Archival photoThe Chairman of Yabloko, commented on the arisen in the party differences© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

The differences in the «Apple» that have arisen in connection with the elections in the Sverdlovsk region, are not a symptom of the crisis of both the party and its regional branch, said the leader of political force Emilia Slabunov during the meeting of the party Bureau.

The party on Wednesday is meeting a Bureau that approves a candidate for Governor of the Sverdlovsk region; the nomination of the party claiming the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman and entrepreneur Sergei Tyurikov. To nominate Roizman expected on Saturday at the conference «Apple» in Ekaterinburg, but after the demarche of the head of the regional branch Yury Pereverzev, resigned and retired from the party, the decision on the candidate was rescheduled for next week.

«This in no way is neither a crisis of the party, the crisis of the regional office,» said Slabunov, noting that there are situations associated with the behavior of individual politicians. «The crisis of the individual politician, in this case I’m referring to is the Chairman of the regional branch… It is absolutely working and very healthy,» she added.

The meeting was attended by Roizman and Turikov. A candidate will be determined by secret ballot, said the press service of «Apple».

To the regional election Commission filed papers for six candidates for the post of head of Sverdlovsk region Dmitry Sergin from «Russian party of pensioners for social justice,» Dmitri Ionin «Fair Russia», Alexey Parfyonov from the Communist party, Yevgeny Kuyvashev from the «United Russia», Konstantin Kiselev from «Russian ecological party» and Igor Toroshin from the liberal democratic party.