The state Department conducts an investigation of violations of work Clinton with sensitive data

© AP Photo / Patrick Amisi politician, member of Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Archival photoThe state Department conducts an investigation of violations of work Clinton with sensitive data© AP Photo / Patrick Semansky

The US state Department began a formal investigation in order to identify possible violations in the management of classified information by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her aides in her tenure as Secretary of state, transfers TV channel Fox News.

According to the TV station, the results of the investigation may discontinue providing access to sensitive government information, Clinton and her aides. Despite the fact that in their relation the investigation, Clinton and her former employees still have access to obtain secret government information.

The investigation of the state Department should identify violated whether Clinton and her assistants government protocols through the use of their personal e-mail server for receiving, storing and transferring classified government documents. The Ministry did not specify when the investigation began. However, it started after the results of an investigation of the FBI.

The Chairman of the Senate judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley confirmed to the channel that the state Department is investigating.

Earlier, former Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized for what working in the Department of state she used a personal e-mail and thereby endangered the security of the country. However, the results of the FBI investigation of Clinton was not indicted. However, this fact, according to many analysts, part of its voters in the direction of the current U.S. President Donald trump.