Trade representative of Russia in Austria criticized the extension of US sanctions

© Fotolia / KkolosovДеньги. Archival photoTrade representative of Russia in Austria criticized the extension of US sanctions© Fotolia / Kkolosov

The initiative for the introduction of new US sanctions against Russia, which could affect European companies, with Europe clearly has not been matched; neither Russia nor the EU want to interfere in their relationship, said Wednesday RIA Novosti trade representative of Russia in Austria Alexander Potemkin.

The U.S. Senate on 15 June completed the approval procedure of the draft law providing for new sanctions against Russia. In particular, it is proposed to reduce the maximum term of market financing of Russian banks under sanctions, up to 14 days, of the companies subjected to the oil and gas sector — up to 30 days. The bill also includes the possibility of sanctions against persons who intend to invest more than $ 5 million a year or $ 1 million lump sum in the construction of Russian export pipelines or provide project services, to provide informational assistance.

Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern recently released a statement, which condemned the draft of new U.S. sanctions, which, as they noted, it is «about the sale of us liquefied natural gas and squeezing of Russian natural gas supplies to the European market.» The purpose of this is to «ensure a job in the oil and gas industry in the United States,» reads the statement. Gabriel and Kern believe that political sanctions instruments should not be linked with economic interests. The official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert said that Chancellor Angela Merkel supported the statement made by Gabriel and Core.

Not agreed

«Given the fact that not only Austria, but also representatives of the European community responded to the initiative of the Americans, it obviously was not coordinated with them. Therefore, it is too early to speak about sanctions in a particular industry will impact relations,» says Potemkin.

He noted that Russia is currently primarily interested in relations with Europe. «Common efforts of our American partners relations with the United States very much (spoiled – ed.) in many industries in fact come to naught, and save something very difficult. But the European business relationships we have not only folded after the first two years (after the imposition of sanctions – ed.) but we can see the example of Russian-Austrian trade turnover of the first positive dynamics in the development of our relations», — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the Russian statistics shows an increase of 25% of the trade turnover between Russia and Austria over the first four months of the year after some decline in previous years.

«But what is important is not the figures themselves, and the fact that after a permanent negative quarterly dynamics we now see that there is a tendency to recovery. Of course, there are leaders — major projects determine the General mood, such as «Nord stream-2″, cooperation in the field of hydropower, tourism plays a big role. Nothing but positive attitude,» — said the trade representative.

In addition, according to him, on the backdrop of a small decline in the total statistics Austria tourism for the first quarter of this year marked 15% growth of Russian tourists ‘ trips in the Alpine Republic and 10% increase in the number of overnight stays.

«So all the efforts in the area of projects and development of tourism begin to affect and I would not like to got some hawkish political forces that would break this trend. But the Europeans don’t want, and it’s very encouraging,» concluded the Potemkin.

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Trade representative of Russia in Austria criticized the extension of US sanctions© RIA Novosti, Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures