Ukrainians want to reconcile non-stop Bible reading

© Fotolia / Magdalena KucovaБиблияUkrainians want to reconcile non-stop Bible reading© Fotolia / Magdalena Kucova

A three-day marathon of continuous reading of the Bible will be held in the Ukrainian Cherkassy, said on Wednesday «Channel 24».

«On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the reformation in Ukraine, we want to spend the hour reading the Bible. In our society there is much that divides us today, but the Bible and spiritual values can unite our society,» said the channel’s senior Bishop of the churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Cherkasy region Vasily Furta.

As expected, the Bible will be read in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Moldovan languages. The marathon will conclude June 23 with a gala concert.

In 2016, Russia in the Kaluga regional television held a telethon for the reading of the gospel. The action «we Read together the gospel,» was timed for lent.