Unique photographs of the Bolshoi theater will be able to see each

© Photo : archive of Big tetramethrin Krieger.Atelier A. Eichenwald. MoscowUnique photographs of the Bolshoi theater will be able to see each© Photo : archive of the Bolshoi theatre

Unique photos of Russian ballerinas can be seen in the digitized archive of the Bolshoi theatre. On the day of the start of the second phase of the project «Discover the story» RIA Novosti published the images, which have so far been available only to specialists.

Ballerina, Margarita Kandaurova danced at the Bolshoi theater from 1912 until the end stage career in 1941. Her picture can be found and viewed in the electronic database of the Bolshoi theatre.

On the creation of a huge digital archive employs 4 thousand volunteers from 60 countries. They treated already 48 000 posters, 120 000 items and 100,000 photographs.

«The most important task of our Museum is to preserve the history of the theatre – told RIA Novosti Director of the Museum of the Bolshoi theatre Lidia Glebovna Harina. – At the present time rapid development of technology, the archive of the Bolshoi theatre must be available electronic. I think that the joint work of research staff of the Bolshoi theatre and volunteers to help thousands of people to touch the passage of time and movement of history, to feel the pride of Russian art».

Now the participants of the project will help in one of the most critical parts of the project is to extract and organize data from an already digitised collections of programmes and theatre posters.

MIA Russia today acts as information partner of the project.