Archaeologists have found «big brother» of Stonehenge

© Fotolia / Gail Hoppen-Kelly-DiArchaeologists have found «big brother» of Stonehenge© Fotolia / Gail Johnson

Archaeologists have discovered in Wales a unique mound the age of about five thousand years, which is by design very similar to the famous Stonehenge, reported the Guardian.

Barrow Bryn-Kelly Dee has found in 1865, however, full excavations have managed to spend only in the last three years. Scientists have found that the barrow was distinguished by scale, comparable with Stonehenge. For one thousand years, the Breen-Kelly Dee served as ritual and burial place. Some of the burial chamber was built specifically for performing the rituals at the summer solstice. Sunlight penetrated to them only during the day.

«We learned that Bryn Kelly Dee has a much more complicated landscape than previously thought», says søren Griffiths, an archaeologist from the University of Central Lancashire.

In addition, scientists have discovered more than a dozen samples of rock art, and various tools made of silicon. Radar data showed that the earth is a network of graves.

Barrow Bryn-Kelly-Dee is older than Stonehenge by about 500 years. Both monuments belong to the late Neolithic period.