Astronomer: approaching asteroid will pass very far from Earth

© Photo : the national Festival nousianen Vladimir Georgievich, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences. Archive photoAstronomer: approaching asteroid will pass very far from Earth© Photo : Russian Festival of science

The asteroid that supposedly threatens Earth, will pass at a distance 10 times the distance from our planet to the moon, and can not cause harm, says a senior researcher of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg (SAI) of Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin.

Earlier in mass media there were messages that a heavenly body called 441987(2010NY65), of approximately 300 meters in diameter is approaching our planet and reaches the maximum point of approach to Earth on June 24. Some media reported that the object threatens the planet with devastating consequences.

«The object will pass at a distance of 4 million kilometers from the Earth, that is 10 times further away than the moon,» said RIA Novosti mutes.

The expert said that in the year at a distance comparable to the asteroid which will pass 441987(2010NY65), sweeps past the Earth at least three or four similar celestial bodies.