Closes tomorrow: Putin discussed with officials the elimination of landfill in Balashikha

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Russian President Vladimir Putin had to personally look into the elimination of landfills in the Moscow suburb of Balashikha, where the provincial government had planned a year and a half garbage disposal: the solid waste landfill will close June 23.

In the course of his direct line of Putin on 15 June said he will ask the government and the head of the Moscow region to tackle the issue of approaching homes and existing for over half a century garbage dumps in Balashikha. The head of state asked residents of homes in one of the districts who live near a garbage landfill.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

On the eve of the Minister of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region Alexander Kogan told reporters that according to the plans of the garbage will cease to take to the landfill «Kuchino» in December 2018, reclamation will begin in January 2019. For the preparation of reclamation project landfill, «Kuchino» in Balashikha, according to him, it takes seven to eight months.

To the topic of landfills, the President on Thursday addressed the meeting with members of the Cabinet. Donskoi said at the meeting that the construction of houses in Balashikha near dumps in the beginning, did not violate the rules.

Before I give the word don, Putin asked who gave permission for the construction of residential houses near the landfill in suburban Balashikha.

«I want to know who gave permission to build there, in the Moscow region? Mr Donskoy (Donskoy), you have this information? Not to say that the people there are squatting the land and took on their own in violation of is there something built? It’s an apartment building, right? Rise», — said the President.

According to Donskoy, in 2003 was established sanepidnadzora of the landfill, which amounted to 500 meters, the construction of houses occurred in this area. «We talked to the head of Rospotrebnadzor from the point of view of clarification and evaluation of the risks, which at this dump exist, but according to their assurances, the construction of these houses, which was agreed a few years ago, did not violate these rules. To date, according to the legislation of this situation,» — said the Minister of natural resources.

«Norm was violated, and impossible to live there», — noted in his turn, the President of the Russian Federation.

After Donskoy’s comments, Putin continued his speech. «We agreed on the following actions. First, with regard to the landfill in Kuchino, so it is called. We agreed with the Governor that they take the decision to close the landfill in 2019, but with the new construction, because it is very important from the point of view that a very large amount of stress that comes from Moscow, in Moscow oblast, accordingly, will need to build new landfills to accommodate this waste,» said don.

«Thank you for what all of this said, this is all very interesting and important, without a doubt. It’s a big job and this problem was growing for decades. In Soviet times some dumps were created. It’s understandable, it requires a lot of system work, unfortunately for us,» Putin said.

«You said that it is impossible to find owners. Well we are to blame in this. How do we build a work that even owners can not find», — he said.

As noted by the head of state, the story of the don is obscure.

«I, as a representative of those people who asked me questions. How to live in such conditions? You me, as the representative of these people that live near this dump, tell me: when will be closed this dump that to live does not give them and their children. When it will be closed and that this is how it will happen. Here specifically,» Putin said.

Don, in turn, said that the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov instructed to close the landfill in 2019, 2017 will begin the design of the remediation of this landfill and in 2018 will begin the preliminary work. «Wait. Tell me, please, what exactly should be done with this dump. It will be eliminated? What is it going to happen? I want to understand myself… About time we can talk. What exactly should be done?» – the President said.

«State, first the Geology of the landfill, plus the state landfill from the point of view of those of waste, there is a need for design,» — said Donskoy.

«Next what?» — said Putin.

The don responded that there will be prepared a project for the recultivation of landfills, it will pass environmental review, after which the Governor will have to apply to the government including the inclusion of the landfill in the register address past damage. «After that will begin the elimination, beginning in 2019,» — said Donskoy.

«Elimination? And that, by 2019 there will be debris to take?» — said Putin.

«Mr President, this dump is actually not included in the list of polygons that have to be liquidated,» — said Donskoy.

«No matter, it was part or not part. I’m asking more. Until that time there will be to take out the trash?» — said Putin.

The don replied that at the moment has not taken the decision to close the dumps today.

Multiple acceleration

Putin has demanded in the shortest terms to prepare the examination and the documents on the landfill «Kuchino» in Balashikha, so that the dump was closed in the near future. «Listen to me. To (Governor of the Moscow region Andrei) sparrows heard me. During the month to close that landfill. Documents that must be prepared — I don’t want to do things that are impossible to perform — should be prepared in a very short time, I mean that’s the expertise: Geology, the composition of this debris and so forth,» Putin said, addressing the don.

The President stressed that he did not know «how long is the shortest it can be done», but after a month he asks, «what’s done», with don and with Vorobyov.

«Third. You said that he (the sparrows — ed.) needs to write an application to obtain the necessary funds for it. Consider that he wrote. By the end of the day it surely will, this proposal,» — said the President.

Putin said that the elimination of landfill in Balashikha can be financed from the reserve and presidential funds, to control the subject instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. «We have 5.4 billion (rubles), which we have allocated from the Federal budget for these purposes. Another 1.5 billion already collected as environmental fees. That’s already 7 billion almost. So use the money, if necessary, ask the Ministry of Finance or even from the government’s Reserve Fund, my provident Fund to allocate some money, we have them there and edfinancial start work», — said the head of state.

He stressed that «the urgent need to resolve the question of where will be stored (garbage), somewhere in other place, far away from places of constant residing of people».

«I want the administration picked this up today as an order. Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev), you are asked to take control of and bring to an end», — concluded Putin.

Right after that the don instructed Rosprirodnadzor to start the procedure of revocation of the license of the company that owns the landfill of municipal solid waste (MSW) «Kuchino», located on the landfill in Balashikha.

After a press-service of the government of Moscow region reported with reference to the words of Vorobyova, that the solid waste landfill in Balashikha will be closed from 23 June.

In Balashikha already left the Minister of ecology of Moscow region Kogan, who yesterday announced the timing of the closing of the landfill in a year and a half.

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