Detainees in Kazan British fans proved to be false

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in Photobacterium Kazan arena with the symbols of the FIFA confederations Cup 2017Detainees in Kazan British fans proved to be false© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

Detainees in Kazan British fans, presented by the staff of media companies Bigballs Media, proved to be false. About it RIA Novosti said the head of the company That Thirlwall.

«We are now preparing an official statement, but this story and its connection with Bigballs Media – a complete lie,» said Thirlwall.

About the detention of four citizens of the UK with a large Arsenal of «fire» became known yesterday. Edition of «life» reported that persons in custody were presented by the staff Bigballs Media, which produces video content for football fans.

A RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies confirmed the fact of detention of foreigners.

«Four British citizens were stopped near one of the Kazan hotels. If you currently have them were dozens of «fire,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

The detainees said they purchased in the online store of pyrotechnics they were planning to test the security system at the match of the confederations Cup at the stadium «Kazan arena». The young people were passports of fans and the tickets for the match between Germany and Chile, which will be held in Kazan on 22 June.

Police released all detainees, pyrotechnics seized.

Before the Confederations Cup, the British media have published several articles on alleged unrest in the Russian football stadiums.

For example, in mid-February in the air of Bi-bi-si has released a documentary film «Army of hooligans of Russia», which became the basis for the riots with the participation of the Russian fans at the European championship on football of 2016. In the picture it was argued that the street fighting was provoked by the Russians, and the upcoming world Cup in 2018 will be a «festival of violence.»

In response, the Russian Embassy in London said that the film makes a shocking impression, and the authors of «make every effort» to discredit Russia. In the Kremlin, in turn, noted the «erosion of quality and objectivity» in the work of Bi-bi-si.

Also in March, the Daily Mirror published an article about the cruelty of fans in Russia, illustrating his photographs of traditional comic fights during the celebration of carnival.

Later edition has posted the video of the fight in the forest, calling it a Testament to the training of Russian football hooligans. While the article stated that «the fight» happened in mid-March, however, the picture shows that a fight occurs in the warm season.

In late April, the tabloid The Sun published under the title «Racism in Russia» video of riots at a football match. Netizens noticed that the movie actually was filmed in the Ukraine during the game between Kyiv Dynamo and Donetsk Shakhtar.

Detainees in Kazan British fans proved to be false© RIA Novosti, Infographical behavior at the games of the confederations Cup 2017