Grushko: the peak of razvedochnoe NATO on Russia’s borders will be in July-September

© AFP 2017 / John Tauroctony the representative of the Russian Federation to NATO Alexander Grushko. Archival photoGrushko: the peak of razvedochnoe NATO on Russia’s borders will be in July-September© 2017 AFP / John Thys

Peak intelligence activity of NATO near Russia’s borders will be in July-September, according to the permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko.

«We fix the ever increasing reconnaissance activity along our borders. This seriously impairs the safety, and we note that the peak of this activity will probably be in July-August-September, and that, I think, directly connected with the upcoming Russian-Belarusian exercises «West,» Grushko told RIA Novosti.

He stressed that «the exercise was announced in advance, and we have already announced that all the necessary information about these exercises will be presented to those sites that we usually use for this, in particular, special briefings for high level military attache in Moscow, and also the cooperation forums in the field of security.»

According to Grushko, the Russian side is watching «the increased military activity of NATO countries on earth, on water and in the air.» «We are concerned that the multinational exercises, which may be held under the auspices of NATO — under the auspices of NATO, is beginning to join the American strategic bombers,» — said the Ambassador.

In June should be completed the formation of a new configuration of forces of NATO in Europe: a fully deployed and integrated into the national forces four battalion group in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, deployed staff of the cell. Already certified two divisional-level headquarters in Szczecin and Bucharest.