Is there a cold fusion?

© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Palaniyappan ring irradiation of water by a laser beam, a scanning fluid circumferentiallyIs there a cold fusion?© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyanina

MOSCOW, 21 Feb – RIA Novosti, Anna Urmantsev. About fusion now even schoolchildren know! The lessons they learn to overcome the repulsion of the nuclei need a lot of temperature is millions of degrees, the temperature of the Sun!In order to achieve such reactions on Earth, or you need to build huge accelerators, or heating the target by using powerful lasers or to build tokamaks camera, plasma which is held not by walls, but specially created by the combined magnetic field. There are approaches related to the pinch-effects is compression of the plasma under the action of flowing through it current. This requires a very strong current that is passed through the wire.


For this purpose, the laser impact on the solution, which contains nanoparticles of metals and salts of radioactive substances. The nanoparticles are heated, there is a bubble, it grows, it occurs an electric breakdown, that is, current (acceleration of electrons and ions), which leads to nuclear transformations. The fact remains: after laser irradiation, the radioactivity of the solution decreases. The researchers have a hypothesis about why the radioactivity disappears, but nobody knows for sure why this is so.

«These experiments are conducted for several years. The work is very active, but there are a lot of subtleties. Sometimes it can be «put out» radioactivity, sometimes not. And, after all, we are confident that, in the absence of high temperatures of millions of degrees nuclear transformation can take place. Why we believe that not wrong? Because if radioactivity somewhere «left» of the irradiated laser cell, it would «fly away» every time. In our case, there is a narrow range of conditions, which we often do not control, but with high probability it fall. And this «papadiamanti» increasing every year».

What happens if the official science still recognizes the possibility of nuclear transformations in ordinary earthly conditions? Will have to review a bunch of different things. For example, will have to admit that chemical elements can be born in the bowels of our Earth and not just come to us from space. So will be again not clear how old is the Earth, as from the method of isotope geochronology will have to give. It will become clear that living organisms can carry out nuclear reaction and then change everything we know about the biochemistry of cells, organs, organisms. One has only to imagine what will happen to oil and gas, because energy can be extracted from bubbles! Thing of the past the problem of radioactive waste, it will be possible to get gold in the laboratory, this means that the economic structure of all countries will turn upside down. Although maybe all these dreams will remain dreams that you always go ahead of the real science.