Kaliningrad authorities promise to begin to build a cancer center before the end of the year

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobounce on the Palace lake in the city of Kaliningrad. Archival photoKaliningrad authorities promise to begin to build a cancer center before the end of the year© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Construction of a cancer center in the Kaliningrad region is planned to begin before the end of this year, told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of health.

«Currently, we are completing the adjustment of the design of the cancer center, and to the end of the year to begin construction», — said the regional Ministry of health.

The theme of the diagnosis of cancer and the quality of treatment, attention to which is not quenched, have been discussed in the regions more actively after the country learned the story of Daria Starikova from Apatity Murmansk region. During the «straight line» with the President’s 24-year-old girl said that cancer 4-th degree, she was diagnosed too late, initially doctors treated it from intervertebral osteochondrosis. She drew the President’s attention not so much on the problem, how the situation with medicine in the city in General.

Organization of oncotomy in Kaliningrad

The question of the construction of a specialized high-tech cancer center in the Kaliningrad region is long overdue. Until 2009 in Kaliningrad to help people with cancer provided at the clinic, which included the operating unit and radiation equipment. However, already then it was clear that the institution was not doing its job fully, and it was abolished, combining with the regional clinical hospital.

Meanwhile, according to the regional Ministry of health, every year in the Kaliningrad region revealed up to 3.5 thousand patients with malignant tumors. On the account in the most Western region of Russia, at the beginning of 2017, was 23.7 thousand cancer patients – quite a lot for a region with a population of less than 1 million people.

Currently, a unified system to help cancer patients in our region, specialized Oncology care is provided on the base of Kaliningrad regional clinical hospital of the patients tries to get the opportunity to benefit from specialized care outside the area, including in the Federal oncological centres.

«In addition, from may 2017 open cancer ward at the Central clinical hospital, where he was invited to work highly professional oncologists, colorectal surgeons and other specialists. Is preparing to open a women’s health Center with modern mammography, two ultrasound machines and other equipment,» — told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of health.

The thorny path to the draft

Back in 2011 the former Kaliningrad Governor Nikolai Tsukanov at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the construction of a specialized medical institution planned by the Federal program of development of the region for 2015. But because of the high incidence of asked to speed up construction time. Design documentation was planned to prepare already in 2012, but for various reasons the start of construction each year shifted, the center of the region is not appeared until now.

In February 2016, the deputies of the Kaliningrad regional Duma appealed to the Russian government with the request to help to Finance the construction of cancer center worth 7.9 billion rubles. According to parliamentarians, the estimated cost of the project exceeded the amount of funds pledged for the programme «health Development» of the region in 2016, therefore, to implement the project solely at the expense of the regional budget was impossible.

In April of this year, the prospects of building the essential and long-awaited cancer centre in the region became one of the key issues at the meeting of Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev and acting Governor of the region Anton Alikhanov.

As reported then the head of the region, the expert group of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation analyzed the project and identified the redundancy of solutions in terms of capacity and equip the centre with medical equipment. In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of health of Russia, mediko-technical brief was updated and agreed. The limitation of the maximum estimated project cost for construction and equipment amounted to 4.5 billion rubles.

«The project reduced from 280 to 200 beds. The construction of the PET centre will be implemented in the framework of public-private partnerships. The cancer center is equipped in accordance with the standards stipulated by the order of rendering medical service in the field «Oncology». Significant adjustments of the project which would affect the quality of care, did not happen,» — said RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of health.

In addition to the hospital for 200 beds, it is expected that the new center will operate the clinic with modern diagnostics, latest equipment for radiotherapy, six modern operating rooms.

According to the press service of the regional government, after receiving a positive opinion from the state related information will be sent to the Ministry of economic development to further integrate the centre into the Federal target program with Federal funding. Parallel to the regional authorities together with leading institutions prepare training programmes.