«Kaspersky lab» told who could crack the ATMs of Sberbank

© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiye in fotobabble savings Bank. Archival photo«Kaspersky lab» told who could crack the ATMs of Sberbank© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiyi the image Bank

Criminals hacked ATMs Sberbank in a new way, perhaps, are employees of banks, because such fraud is necessary to thoroughly know the working principle of the devices, says the head of the protection of ATMs and points of sales of «Kaspersky Lab» Dmitry Zverinec.

On Tuesday, the Chairman of Sberbank, Stanislav Kuznetsov, said that the credit institution have discovered a new type of theft of cash from ATMs. The fraudster inserts the card, requesting a certain amount. In that moment, when the ATM delivers the money to the receiver, and should give the card back, the attacker holds the card, which she stuck in the receiver. The crook, holding the card in the device, took out the cash with fixtures in the form of a hook. In the end, the money is not debited from the account and stored on the card. This type of fraud was recorded in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

«In this case carried out at ATMs of the attack revealed that the attackers have a good idea of the sequence of operations and logic of operation of these devices with all possible shortcomings. With high probability it can be argued that these people have worked or work now in banks», — told RIA Novosti Zverinec.

Thus, in his opinion, these attacks were more the point than the mass. He noted that much more damage to bring the cyber attacks on the ATM network, when criminals are able to empty a couple of hours 500-800 devices. According to antivirus company in 2016 every third financial institution in the world faced losses because of attacks on ATMs. The number and complexity of these attacks grow, the expert said.

«The use of classical remedies ATMs only covers a small part of the vulnerabilities. That’s why we recommend you to use solutions that in addition to the basic functional capacity of a memory protection process, monitor file integrity, log analysis events,» — told the representative of the anti-virus company.