Killed in Italy a woman was a citizen of Russia, have informed in Consulate General

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Dmitrievskaya the police. Archival photoKilled in Italy a woman was a citizen of Russia, have informed in Consulate General© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Dmitrieva

. Killed on Sunday in Italy’s 30-year-old Anastasia Shakurova really had Russian citizenship, said on Wednesday RIA Novosti, the representative Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Milan.

As previously reported, Shakurova and her close friend 31-year-old Neapolitan Biagio Junior Buonomo were killed on Sunday in the Northern Italian town of Kirinyaga, near Venice. The crime was committed in the home of 50-year-old Stefano Parole, which, according to local media, was familiar with Secureway and previously supported her relationship with. In the night from Saturday to Sunday Parole who were in a condition of strong nervous excitement, he called the police and reported that he killed two people. Arrived at the scene the police found the bodies of Sakurovas and Buonomo.

«Representatives of law enforcement bodies of Italy promptly informed the Russian Consulate General in Milan about the incident. We started working on this case and received confirmation that Anastasia Shakurova really was a citizen of Russia. We contacted the parents of women who live in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and now assistance in organizing urgent visit to Italy», — said RIA Novosti the representative of the Consulate General.

According to him, investigating a double murder investigating Italian authorities continues, and Russian consular officials are in contact with the police and the Prosecutor that leads the criminal case. «Upon completion of all necessary investigative actions by the competent Italian authorities will give the body of a murdered Russian woman her relatives», — said the representative of the Consulate General.

According to local media, Perle immediately admitted that he committed the murder because of jealousy. According to him, he invited Shakurova and her friend to his guests, put them in the drink narcotic substance, and then strangled the woman in the bedroom. After the murder of Sakurovas the jealous man has decided to settle scores with his more successful opponent and began to beat him with a stick. Buonomo tried to run, but he couldn’t escape and also were killed. His body was found in a pool of blood in front of the house Perales.

Lawyer Matteo Lazzaro, tasked with protecting a murder suspect Perle, in an interview with RIA Novosti refused to confirm the sequence of events published in the local media. The lawyer said that his client was in a state of extreme stress and on the first interrogation has exercised his right not to answer questions of investigators.

«Earlier Parole not been brought to justice and never dealt with the justice authorities. The dynamics of the incident described in the media, yet in no way can be confirmed, and requires thorough verification. Only after that, on the basis of the information obtained we will be able to make a decision about the further proceedings. While talking about it too early,» — said the lawyer.

According to him, currently Parole is under arrest in the Venice prison «Santa Maria Maggiore».