Macron wants independence and he is ready to bomb Syria without the consent of the trump

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in Photobacterium of France Emmanuel macron during a joint with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin press conference. 29 may 2017Macron wants independence and he is ready to bomb Syria without the consent of the trump© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

France can deliver preventive strikes on warehouses of chemical weapons in Syria, not having secured for the support of the United States. According to the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, the red line for his country would be the use of weapons of mass destruction by Damascus. The French President said that he would not «be weak,» condemning the indecisiveness of his predecessor, Francois Hollande, who refused action against Bashar al-Assad, when it did not support US. However, macron said that the change of power in Syria is no longer an «absolute priority» for France.

Macron draws a red line

The ability to conduct independent strikes on Syrian territory — the first independent initiative of Emmanuel Macron in middle Eastern politics. Earlier, in April 2017, Paris supported the bombing by the United States military airfield in Syria ash Chirata made in response to the use of chemical weapons against residents of Khan Shaykhun. The French authorities responsible for an event called Bashar al-Assad. Russia and Syria from its part, believe that this is an international provocation.

In the spring of 2017 between Moscow and Paris held an exchange of views about the evidence against the Bashar al-Assad in incidents involving the use of chemical weapons. France has published a report which proved the guilt of the Assad similarity applied Zarina with those who had Syria. In the Kremlin the arguments of the Elysee Palace called «contain numerous inconsistencies» and «causing doubts in its authenticity».

After the election of President Emmanuel Macron geopolitical positioning of France is beginning to change. The new leader has condemned the previous policy of your country in Syria for indecision, noting that the «weakened» its position. «What made France less strong? What we have outlined publicly the red line and made the necessary conclusions,» said macron. But at the same time the French President has said that he sees «legitimate successor» of Bashar al-Assad, therefore will not demand regime change in Syria in the foreseeable future.

France joined in the Syrian war in September 2015, and for a long time the action of Paris was subordinate to the logic proposed by Washington. This situation was explained by the dependence of the French air force from intelligence supplied the United States. In 2015, following the terrorist attack in Paris, dependent on the Americans only got stronger. The French government was in need of a demonstration strike on is positions, but without the help of ally definitely had no idea where to aim your weapon.

Too close a relationship with the United States (France, among other things, buys us military equipment — the Reaper drones — the use of which requires consultation of the instructors) made it impossible for rapprochement with Russia on Syria, which at the end of 2015, insisted public opinion.

2017 current year has brought changes at the same time in the United States, France and the Persian Gulf. Qatar has moved closer with Iran, the us distanced itself from the European Union, and Paris was ready to carry out in Syria its own line. At the meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump macron stated that he did not intend to do vis-a-vis «no concessions, including the symbolic». «Donald trump, the President of Russia and the President of Turkey are in the power of logic. It suits me,» said macron.

In regard to the Middle East, the political choice before Emmanuel Macron, can be formulated as: who will be closer to Paris — Riyadh or Doha? Course prior French presidents can be judged by whom they are patronized in the Arabian Peninsula. For Nicolas Sarkozy, a close ally of France was Qatar, with whom Paris had entered into an agreement for special fiscal regime. Francois Hollande, by contrast, is closer to Saudi Arabia, the heir to the throne which was awarded the Legion of honor.

Patronage politics of the middle East regimes strongly criticized in France, which affected the election campaign of Emmanuel Macron, has declared literally the following: «I will put an end to agreements that are favourable to Qatar in France. I’m extremely picky about the Qatar and Saudi Arabia to achieve transparency in the issue of the financing of terrorism». However, commitments by the new President to accomplish in no hurry.
A statement of willingness to conduct their own bombing of Syria, coupled with the condemnation of françois Hollande, not insist on strikes in 2013, testify in favor of the Saudi line. However, macron makes a reservation that does not require the immediate departure of Bashar al-Assad and opposes the possible transformation of Syria into a «failed state».

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