Money: the Pentagon has spent $ 94 million on useless camo

© Flickr / U.S. Army / Staff Sgt. Jason Arregui soldiers in Afghanistan. Archival photoMoney: the Pentagon has spent $ 94 million on useless camo© Flickr / U.S. Army / Staff Sgt. Jason Epperson

Newsweek magazine accused the Pentagon to waste money on useless needs. According to the newspaper, Washington has allocated $ 94 million to the form for the Afghan military with camouflage designed for the forest landscape, while forests cover only two percent of the country.

«The decision of the Ministry of defence to supply the Armed forces of Afghanistan forms with this camouflage pattern was not based on the assessment of its suitability for the environmental conditions of Afghanistan,» Newsweek quotes an excerpt from the statement of the Commission Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which was established in 2008 to control the funds allocated for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Reporters noted that Afghan officials have chosen a «woodland camo» on the basis of their personal preferences, without taking into account the real situation in the country.

NATO’s mission «Resolute support» is in Afghanistan since January 2015. According to the bilateral agreement, in the country there are about 12 thousand soldiers, who train Afghan security forces.

«Golden» fuel

In may it became known about the abuse Pentagon in the procurement of fuel for the army. The Washington Post has published documents from which it follows that defense Ministry officials inflated estimates, and the excess of money spent on the training of the Syrian opposition and the operation in Afghanistan.

According to the newspaper, 2015, from funds obtained by deliberately inflated budget requests for training opposition forces in Syria made $ 80 million, and «contingency» in Afghanistan, a $ 1.4 billion.

The Pentagon is the world’s largest fuel consumer: each year the military buy about a hundred million barrels for the needs of ground forces, air force and Navy.

The Pentagon has acknowledged that in the period from 2010 through 2016 the Agency really received 5.6 billion dollars in the procurement of fuel. Officials say they do not expect to get their hands on additional funds, but only not taken into account in the calculation of the fall in energy prices.

After the scandal with the fuel experts have expressed the opinion that it will be consequences for the Pentagon. So, the political scientist Paul svyatenkov admitted that violations may be cause for parliamentary investigation.

«In America, every «penny» controls the Congress, and, of course, he will demand that, if indeed confirmed the fact that there was embezzlement, and the money went not for the purposes for which they were intended. That is, there is a reason for the congressional investigation, and that the amount is not very large, the Congress, naturally, will not stop,» — said the analyst on radio Sputnik.

A shock to the Mattis

Meanwhile, in 2016, the experts of the Stockholm international Institute of peace studies for the first time in five years recorded a growth of military spending in the United States. As a result, the proportion of Americans in the world «spending on war» was 36 percent.

Despite the huge funds allocated to the Pentagon, the combat readiness of the U.S. military are questioning even their own bosses. In mid-June, the state of the army has criticized defense Minister James Mattis, who has been in office since January of 2017.

«The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis testifying, which claims he was «shocked» by the low level of readiness of the United States,» reported AFP on Twitter during hearing before the Committee on armed services, house of representatives, U.S. Congress.

In addition, at the beginning of may it became known that Mattis ordered the revision of the program of missile defense. The process will be chaired by the Deputy Minister of defence and Deputy chiefs of staff and the final report will present to President Donald Trump before the end of the year.

To reduce costs

Thus in 2018, Washington intends to dramatically increase military spending. Trump has asked Congress for 639 billion dollars, which should go for needs of the Pentagon.

«The draft budget for 2018 for the Department of defense requested 639 billion to $ 52 billion more compared to the level in 2017», — stated in the draft Federal budget of the country.

The document States that «the base budget of the Department is expected to reach 574 billion dollars, that is 10 percent higher than» 2017. 56 billion trump plans to spend on military operations abroad.

The trump once a quarter has cut the budget of the state Department, which is responsible for the country’s foreign policy.