Naryshkin expressed condolences to the families of the scout Drozdova

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobacteria Naryshkin. Archival photoNaryshkin expressed condolences to the families of the scout Drozdova© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Director of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin expressed condolences to the families of the deceased legendary Soviet intelligence officer, the Deputy chief of the First chief Directorate (PGU) — head of an illegal intelligence PSU of the state security Committee (KGB) under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the founder of special forces «Vympel» Yuri Drozdov.

Drozdov died last Wednesday at 92-m to year of life.

«We lost a brilliant man of high moral qualities, a genuine patriot of his country, was a example of selfless and uncompromising service of a Russian officer main purpose — the defense of the Fatherland. At all stages of his performance he was at the point of attack, his name was associated with many of the events crucial to the illegal reconnaissance and Service, his pupils were adequately fulfilling their duty in many countries,» — said in a telegram published on the website of the SVR.

«After retiring, Yury Ivanovich to the last years of his life he retained a clear and analytical mind. In his numerous books and articles, he sought to make a contribution to the formation of a correct understanding of the processes taking place in our society and the world in the period of formation of the new Russia, and to find ways of addressing intelligence tasks», — the telegram reads.

Naryshkin assured the relatives of the deceased, «the staff of the Service will always hold the memory of the outstanding scout and patriot of our country Yury Ivanovich Drozdov».

Drozdov was born 19 Sep 1925 in Minsk in the family of a serviceman. Participated in the great Patriotic war, the Victory has met in Berlin. In 1956 graduated from the Military Institute of foreign languages, was transferred to the KGB and the following year sent to Berlin as an operational worker. He participated in many operations of intelligence, including in exchange transactions for the legendary Soviet spy Rudolf Abel for American pilot Francis powers. Drozdov was a member of the Afghan events. He was the initiator and head of the reconnaissance and sabotage units of the foreign intelligence Vympel, intended for operations abroad in the so-called special period.