OSCE: the guarantee of freedom of religion is a sign of respect for human rights

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Respect for the right to freedom of religion in the States is an indicator of the fulfilment of other basic human rights, the Chairman of the OSCE permanent Council, permanent representative of Austria, the President of the organization, Clemens coja.

«Respect for freedom and its protection is an indicator of the situation in many other rights: freedom of Assembly and Association, freedom of expression,» he said, speaking Thursday at the OSCE conference on the human dimension on freedom of religion and beliefs.

According to him, the right to freedom of belief is an important element of mutual respect and one of the assumptions of the formation of the CSCE, the predecessor of the OSCE. «Austria considers this right as one of the priorities in the so-called human dimension this year,» said coja.

In turn, the head of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights Michael Georg link said in a number of States parties to the OSCE declares about the necessity of introducing regulation of this freedom.

«In order to consolidate political control over society, including the democratic movements of civil society, the governments of several countries in the OSCE region have introduced extensive measures that restrict freedom of religion and beliefs. This issue is not theoretical, instead, it’s a specific, tangible threat. We are talking about the fact that certain communities could not live dynamically, freely, for it seems that their existence in the long term will destroy the state’s control over society,» he said.