Putin has demanded to close the landfill in Balashikha

© Photo : VKontakte group of Kuchino Poligon/Catherine Shirakawago Kuchino in BalashikhaPutin has demanded to close the landfill in Balashikha© Photo : VKontakte group of Kuchino Poligon/Ekaterina Shirokova

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded in the shortest terms to prepare the examination and the documents on the landfill «Kuchino» in Balashikha, so that the dump was closed in the near future.

«Listen to me. To (Governor of the Moscow region Andrei) sparrows heard me. During the month to close that landfill. Documents that must be prepared — I don’t want to do things that are impossible to perform — should be prepared in a very short time, I mean that’s the expertise: Geology, the composition of this debris and so forth,» Putin said, referring to the Minister of natural resources Sergei Donskoi.

The President stressed that he did not know «how long is the shortest it can be done», but after a month he asks, «what’s done», with don and with Vorobyov.

«Third. You said that he (the sparrows – ed.) needs to write an application to obtain the necessary funds for it. Consider that he wrote. By the end of the day it surely will, this proposal,» — said the President.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line said that he would ask the government and the head of the Moscow region to tackle the issue of approaching homes and existing for over half a century garbage dumps in Balashikha. The head of state asked residents of homes in one of the districts who live near a garbage landfill.

On Wednesday, the Minister of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region Alexander Kogan told reporters that according to the plans of the garbage will cease to take to the landfill «Kuchino» in December 2018, reclamation will begin in January 2019. For the preparation of reclamation project landfill, «Kuchino» in Balashikha, he said, need 7-8 months.

Putin has demanded to close the landfill in Balashikha© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia the words «Straight line» with Vladimir Putin