Rector of PFUR will be awarded 100-thousand student University

© Photo : Redstone PFUR. Archive photoRector of PFUR will be awarded 100-thousand student University© Photo : people’s friendship University

The student from Nepal on Thursday will receive a medal 100th graduate of the Russian University of friendship of peoples (University) rector Vladimir Filippov, reported the press service of the University.

Anniversary title will get Battery Hari from Nepal, which is «excellent» graduated from Medical school on specialty «Medical business».

According to the press service, in PFUR trained 7,5 thousand international students from 154 countries. Most are trained in the Russian language. The most popular destinations among them are medicine, law, dentistry, linguistics, international relations, literature, Economics, construction, oil and gas, pharmacy.

«As I study under a government grant, I will have to go back to Nepal, to pass a professional test, get a license and to operate a minimum of two years. Then I’ll go to residency and then to graduate school», — quotes the press service of the words of the graduate of PFUR.

Bhattarai Hari also said that passionate about cardiology, but also conducted scientific studies of food habits of Nepalis.

«I would like to know the eating habits of our citizens and to identify deficiencies in it. Through proper diet it is possible to increase life expectancy, and I compared the food habits of the people of Nepal and other countries. The main feature is the large consumption of carbohydrates and the almost total absence in the diet of animal protein,» shared the findings of their research to graduate.

As noted in the University, the 50-thousandth graduate of PFUR has previously become a citizen of Ecuador, Atience Villagomez, Jose Miguel graduated from the faculty of engineering on the specialty «automation and control». He specializiruetsya to information systems and continued her education at the graduate of PFUR – he now teaches in the Department of mechanics and mechatronics Engineering Academy people’s friendship University as assistant Professor.Rector of PFUR will be awarded 100-thousand student University© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia universities in the world QS — 2017