Scientists told about the dangers of acetaminophen for pregnant women

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Danish biologists have found that taking paracetamol during pregnancy can disrupt the genes and proteins of the embryo associated with the development of male hormones, according to a paper published in the journal Reproduction.

«Personally, I think that all people need to think before taking a particular pill. Today, we constantly take paracetamol and forget that he, like all other medicines, has side effects. On the other hand, if you are sick, then of course you have to take suitable treatment of drugs. In any case, the patient the body of the mother harms the fetus more than paracetamol,» said David Christensen (David Kristensen) from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

In the last ten years, scientists actively interested in how the work of the mother’s body, her hormones, bad habits and diet can affect the embryo. For example, four years ago, the researchers found that hormonal imbalance in the mother’s body can cause serious violations in the brain development after birth and lead to mental disorders.

Watching the growth and behavior of mice whose mothers took small doses of paracetamol, Christensen and his colleagues have found another example of how the mother’s body can affect her offspring.

Scientists conducted an experiment for one simple reason – many paracetamol and other antipyretic drugs block the enzyme COX-2, which performs different roles in the adult organism and the embryo. In the body of already born humans, this substance is responsible for the development of inflammatory reactions and activation of immune system, and in the Bud it helps the testosterone to affect the development of «masculine» fabrics.

Blocking COX-2 within the embryo may lead to the violation of «male» programs of development of the body and psyche. Despite this, doctors often prescribe paracetamol and medicines on its basis pregnant. Team Christensen decided to check whether such treatment to the «feminization» of boys.

For this, the researchers purchased a few dozen pregnant mice, half of which they were fed regular food and the other food with the addition of the amount of paracetamol, which is usually prescribed to pregnant women. When the offspring came to light, biologists began to monitor its progress, noting any differences in the brain, hormonal cells and in the behavior of young males and females.

As it turned out, their behavior and the brain really changed males whose mothers took paracetamol were less aggressive than their competitors in the control group, and less frequently tried to mark territory or to mate with females.

Moreover, they were more females, than as males. For example, they often marked down only one corner of the cell, as normally females, not all of its territory, and has never tried to bite another male, which scientists from time to time were let in their cage. Changes in behavior were accompanied by similar changes in the brain – the hemispheres of these males were characterized by «female» not «male» pattern of activity.

Does this mean that pregnant women are categorically forbidden to take paracetamol? As scientists believe, to talk about it now, as the work of mice and humans, and their weight, are markedly different from each other. On the other hand, this discovery suggests that the replacement of paracetamol for every other fever, is able to achieve the same effect, would be warranted.