Shot down in Balashikha the boy was drunk, confirmed by re-examination

© Fotolia / Big FaceЗабор blood for tests. Archival photoShot down in Balashikha the boy was drunk, confirmed by re-examination© Fotolia / Big Face

Investigators confirmed that the boy who died under the wheels of foreign cars Balashikha, in the time of the accident was drunk, said the suburban division of the Russian IC.

Molecular genetic analysis of blood samples with alcohol content, which was conducted in the Department of criminology, UK, found that they belong to the downed child. In addition, traces of his blood found in the car, it also found alcohol.

Now the investigation will determine the circumstances under which the child had used alcohol.

The case of the Minister

That re-examination has confirmed the results of the first, said the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev. He noted that, according to the expert, «the blood was obtained from the boy, he’s sure 99.9%».

As the Minister said, the investigation on the high-profile case of an accident is carried out in strict accordance with the law, the Prosecutor’s office claims to no result.

Kolokoltsev added that the case firm «it is really a tragedy.» According to him, in such cases, any Manager needs to be more demanding of the actions of their subordinates. «Indeed, every such case should be monitored by a Manager at any level, including the Minister of internal Affairs», — stressed the Minister.

The investigation of accidents in Balashikha submitted to the Ministry and is under personal control Kolokoltseva. After this incident, he also instructed during the day to initiate criminal proceedings about the accident with the death of children.

Accident in Balashikha

Resonance accident occurred on April 23 in Balashikha: a local resident at the wheel foreign cars was fouled and knocked down six year old boy.

The child returned from a walk with grandpa around half past six in the evening when at high speed he was hit by a car Hyundai Solaris. Machine, speeding the dead end Parking around multi-story homes, dragged a boy of about ten meters, moving front and rear wheels, and then stopped.

«I heard terrible screams. I looked out the window grandpa is in hysterics around the machine. I immediately went outside under the rear wheels barely moved the child. The whole body was disfigured, suffered head and abdomen. Shock, horror — I don’t know what to say. He was still alive when we pulled him out from under the car and asked the female driver to call an ambulance. But there was no reaction, she stepped aside and began to call someone else», — told RIA Novosti the witness a novel.

Ten minutes later came a resuscitation ambulance. Doctors could only ascertain the death of the child. The boy died of a fractured skull and swelling of the brain.

«A strong degree of intoxication»

Initial examination showed that the «blood of the deceased found the concentration of ethanol corresponding to the strong degree of intoxication».

It was about 2.7 ppm — is about a bottle of vodka (lethal dose of alcohol in the blood for a child of 3-4 ppm). At such high concentrations of alcohol in the blood even a grown man can’t control himself and stay on his feet. For a child of six, which is not yet fully formed enzyme system, it’s lethal.

This expert’s opinion raised questions, the investigators opened a criminal case about negligence.

The family of the deceased has demanded a re-examination — according to her, the witnesses pressed the case has not been instituted about a month, and part of the evidence was destroyed.

As the boy was buried three days after his autopsy to conduct repeated studies the body exhumed.

According to the father of the deceased, he doesn’t believe in the blood of the son could be the alcohol. «Alcohol was injected into the liver of this dead child,» said the man RT after the results of the re-examination.

Normal average family

Moscow region Ekaterina Semenova Ombudsman reported that the boy grew up «in a normal average family home», no addictions, no parents, nor from their immediate environment she didn’t notice.

According to the Ombudsman, the child was not raised in a «heavy atmosphere» he had good contact with his brother. «To assess the situation in the family as prosperous,» said Semenov. She noted that the boy «it was not possible to drink something unlawful, the child was always in sight of loved ones».

Semenov said that the child «fell suddenly, at some period, under the influence of any other people», which could give him alcohol.

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