Spiridonov: in my life there are things more interesting than keeping the body

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobacteria SpiridonovSpiridonov: in my life there are things more interesting than keeping the body© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

. Valery Spiridonov, the first candidate for a transplant of the body, told RIA «Novosti», it refers to the fact that the first surgery will be in China with another patient, and what he thinks about the initiatives of Dr. Sergio Canavero to raise money for such transplantation in Russia.

At the end of February 2015, the Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero has announced the launch of an ambitious project HEAVEN/AHBR. He planned to transplant the head of a volunteer to the donor body, connecting the spinal cord with the head using a special procedure, which Canavero calls «the Protocol of the GEMINI».

On call surgeon responded a Russian programmer Valery Spiridonov, confined to a wheelchair due to degeneration of muscles. The Russians suffer syndrome werdnig-Hoffmann is a serious genetic disease that gradually robs people of the opportunity to move.

The opinions of neurosurgeons regarding the surgery was divided: some do not exclude this possibility in principle, but not sure about the success of the operation, others think it is a head transplant a gamble that will inevitably fail.

Despite the skepticism of the scientific community, Canavero and his associate, a Chinese neurosurgeon Zhen Satin (Ren Xiaoting) at the University of Harbin, ready to perform the first transplant of a body at the end of this year in China, whose government has given permission and funds to conduct this experiment.

— I am absolutely unconcerned about what is happening. I don’t think the work Canavero main project of his life. Although it clearly has changed things and gave a lot of new possibilities, the effective use of which became a separate treat for me. For example, I managed to create the Association «thirst for life» that allows professionals and interested people to promote and develop the latest and proven achievements of science in General and medicine in particular.

I am a member of the team that creates the world’s first mass consumer robot assistant, able to take on of the hard work when moving cargo and baggage. And lead the development of «smart» wheelchair. Thus, my life now is much more interesting and enjoyable Affairs than preparing for the controversial transplant of the body. So, all the better! Besides I have a girlfriend, and we travel a lot together.

— What is the reason that the surgery will take place in China?

— The fact that Dr. Canavero always have at hand several options to conduct operations with the expectation that work at least one of them. It so happened that played the Chinese card. The government of China proved to be the most flexible and able to take bold far-sighted decisions, giving acceleration, including and most creative branch of science — medicine.

Research funding for the restoration of the spinal cord by the method Canavero China is out of the budget, the work carried out in Harbin. It is logical that they were prepared better than anyone.

I can say that, for my part, I received from the leading Russian scientists and physicians the most serious professional support. Naturally, these people must ensure the organization and financing of experiments, it should be administered by the state and government.

— Do you support the calls Canavero saving your life and consider alternative, less extreme methods of struggle with the disease?

— I believe that I already need to take their health into their own hands. Fortunately, with my disease there is a well-tested, carried out quite often in such cases, the surgery to implant a steel rod to keep the spine straight and not bent like mine.

This can be done in several places in Russia, and serves to significantly improve the health status of patients with my diagnosis. After it becomes easier to breathe, to move in transport, and just sit. Of course, it does not return the strength of muscles, and will not let go, but the quality of life will change dramatically in a positive way.

It is not such fantastic money, as the operation Canavero. Much more achievable is 2.4 million rubles. Despite all my activity and fruitful work, personally I find it hard to accumulate this amount alone. Anyone who thinks my work is worthy of support — can you help me here on the platform Generosity.