The case of doping: IOC has threatened Russia with sanctions because of the Olympics in Sochi

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in fotobanka the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach. Archival photoThe case of doping: IOC has threatened Russia with sanctions because of the Olympics in Sochi© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

The international Olympic Committee is going to autumn to decide on sanctions against Russian sports because of the Olympics in Sochi. As stated by the IOC President Thomas Bach in an interview with the New York Times, first the organization intends to find out how «deeply rooted system of manipulation» — doping in the country.

It is investigating the IOC

The independent Commission of WADA in November 2015 has accused Russia of numerous anti-doping rule violation. With new force scandal erupted after the publication of the report of the Commissioner of Richard McLaren.

After the publication of the first part of the paper in the summer of 2016 from participation in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro have suspended Russian athletes. In addition, the entire Russian team conceded Paralympics.

The second part of the report, McLaren was published in December. After that, Russia lost the right to hold a number of international competitions: world Cup bobsled and skeleton, world Cup final speed skating, as well as the stage of the biathlon world Cup.

McLaren argues that in Russia there was a state system for manipulating doping samples. In Moscow reject these accusations, and the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the fact of violation of the rules.

The IOC has set up two commissions to investigate: the disciplinary Commission, headed by Denis Oswald needs to recheck samples of Russians from the Olympic games in Sochi, and the Commission ex-President of Switzerland, Samuel Schmid, verify the accuracy of information on state intervention in the Russian anti-doping system.

Sanctions for «past»

In an interview with the New York Times, Bach said that the decision on sanctions will be made no later than October, before the start of the qualifying competition for the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang.

According to him, to determine what kind of constraints should be introduced, «we need to find out how deeply entrenched system of manipulation».

«We have the impression that some in the Russian thought, turning to the future, what is past is already forgotten,» — said the head of the IOC.

Bach recalled the words of Vladimir Putin, who has previously acknowledged the existence of problems in Russian sport. However, according to the IOC, some Russian officials are trying to ignore this issue.

«You can’t forget what happened in Sochi. We have made it clear that the past — what happened there — should be subject to sanctions», — said the head of the Committee.

«Part of the overall plan»

Commenting on the prospect of sanctions against Russian sports, the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Svetlana Zhurova said that it is part of a campaign to exert pressure on the athletes.

«All that you can seemingly already made — punished and punished. Paralympic athletes have been punished. But you see, the issue of sanctions remains, and scale, they still add. Apparently, this is part of the overall of the plan,» said former athlete on the radio Sputnuk.

According to her, the words of Thomas Bach about the threat of sanctions came as a surprise.

«It’s always a surprise for us. As was the case with the Paralympic athletes. They were told: well done, you quietly go to the goal — to restore all of your rights to participate in competitions and so on. But there are no criteria to match. The feeling one criterion: to say that President Bush personally athletes doping issued. Now, if we «admit», then guys will be all right. But this is nonsense», — said Zhurova.

Hope for the prudence of the IOC

The head of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev expressed the hope that the IOC will not go on infringement of the Olympic principles and will not impose a collective responsibility for Russian athletes.

The case of doping: IOC has threatened Russia with sanctions because of the Olympics in Sochi© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric in fotobanka: WADA against the Russian Federation operates on the principle «gave the word, the word took»»what Sanctions will be, but I would not say that they are some can be serious or collective. Thomas Bach in this sense, a very serious international official, he knows how in Russia Affairs with the development of sport. I think that he will not allow the use of any in violation of Olympic principles, the Charter decisions,» the MP told the journalists.

The parliamentarian is also convinced that the IOC will not allow «collective madness.»

«This is contrary to the Olympic Charter, but individual athletes can be punished. We’re talking about this. There are two Commission, we are waiting for their results,» — said Degtyarev.