The Ministry of agriculture encouraged the regions to adopt experience of Yamal in the export of venison

© AP Photo / Igor NovikovВыпас reindeer on the Yamal Peninsula. Archival photoThe Ministry of agriculture encouraged the regions to adopt experience of Yamal in the export of venison© AP Photo / Igor Novikov

The experience of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO) to supply venison abroad are recommended to replicate to other reindeer herding regions of Russia, informs on Thursday the regional government.

This was announced during the teleconference, the Ministry of agriculture dedicated to the development of processing of reindeer products in the regions. Contacted all reindeer herding regions of the country – from Murmansk to Chukotka.

«The experience of Yamal was recommended by the relevant Ministry for further consideration in the supply of reindeer meat abroad. Today, in addition to Yamal, their exercise is only in the Komi Republic. We will remind, the enterprise «Yamal reindeer», since 2008, has been sent more than 3 thousand tons of venison to Europe – Sweden, Germany, Finland», — stated in the message. The authorities note that also continues to gain momentum and finished products – sausages and different foods, with more than a hundred items.

In addition, participants were encouraged to pay special attention to the Yamal experience in training personnel to work in high-tech manufacturing. Thus, the leading specialists of the enterprise «Yamal reindeer» were trained in the training centre of the Sami region in Finland.

In the field of deep processing of reindeer products in Russia, the leader of Yakutia, where adjusted production of biologically active supplements and cosmetic products from endocrine-enzyme raw materials and products made of fur and reindeer skin. On the Yamal Peninsula, mainly processed meat, partially raw antler and blood. «The ability of the industry is much more serious today in the district worked out a program for the implementation of projects of deep processing,» adds the government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.