The MP commented on the law on the demolition of monuments in Poland

© Photo : Damian KisielewskiПамятник red army soldiers who died in the 20-ies of XX century in Poland. Archive photoThe MP commented on the law on the demolition of monuments in Poland© Photo : Damian Kisielewski

The adoption by the Sejm of the law on the demolition of monuments to the red Army — not just a political decision, it is «beyond morality and humanity,» said Chairman of the Patriotic platform «United Russia» Dmitry Sablin.

Earlier it was reported that the Polish Sejm adopted amendments to the law on de-communization, which involve the demolition of around 500 monuments. It is expected that monuments will be dealt with after consultation with the Institute of national remembrance, the law will not apply to facilities installed in cemeteries and are not put on public display.

«This decision is not just political. It is beyond the scope of morality and humanity. The Polish government has clearly not learned history’s lessons. Before the war flirted with Hitler, tearing chunks from occupied Czechoslovakia, today they are trying to forget whom we owe our liberation from Nazism. History repeats its lessons negligent students», — quotes the press service of the party words Sablina.