The new expedition will go to look for the remains of the famous pilot Amelia Earhart

© public domain American writer and aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Archival photoThe new expedition will go to look for the remains of the famous pilot Amelia Earhart© public domain

The new expedition will go in search of the remains of legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart to the uninhabited island in the Pacific ocean, where she could spend the last months of his life, according to the magazine National Geographic.

In may 1937, 39-year-old Earhart attempted to fly around the world flight in the Lockheed Electra. Second of July with its crew, lost contact, and began the unprecedented scale of the search operation, which however proved unsuccessful. In 1939 it was announced that Earhart and her Navigator Fred Noonan were lost, crash land in the ocean.

In 1940 on a desert island-Atoll Nickumaroro (the former possession of Britain, which now belongs to the Micronesian Republic of Kiribati) skeleton was discovered, announced by the authorities of men. In the past year, using the remaining measurements, members of the International group for historic aircraft recovery (International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, TIGHAR) has spent another anthropological examination, which showed that the remains could belong to woman the same height and ethnicity as Earhart.

Preparing a new expedition is engaged in research organization TIGHAR, which has already sent 12 missions to search for traces of Earhart. The new expedition sailed from Fiji on 24 June.

«There is a real chance that there are more bones. No mention of 193 bones,» said TIGHAR senior archaeologist Tom king.

In search of the remains of Earhart scholar will help specially trained for forensic work the dog. It is reported that these dogs can smell the place of burial, located at a depth of 2.7 meters and an age of 1.5 thousand years. According to archaeologist Fred Hibert, dogs in this case are even more effective than the GPR. But before that, four border collies still have to fly across the Pacific ocean and a week-long sea journey to the island Nickumaroro.

If the mission is successful, the found remains will be sent for DNA examination in the United States.

Amelia Earhart in 1928 became the first woman, commits a transatlantic flight, but as a passenger. And in may 1932 she made one of my main achievements — successful solo flight across the Atlantic, the first after the success of Charles Lindbergh in 1927. After that, in fact, Earhart became the most famous female pilot in the world.