The speech from the throne Queen Elizabeth II: all «dangerous» for the Prime Minister was left out of the equation

© REUTERS / Stefan Rousseau/PoolБританская Queen Elizabeth next to Prince Charles during the state opening of Parliament in Central London. 21 June 2017The speech from the throne Queen Elizabeth II: all «dangerous» for the Prime Minister was left out of the equation© REUTERS / Stefan Rousseau/Pool

. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II speech from the throne in Parliament presented the government program for the next two years: no sensational announcements were not, and the most interesting was what was not included in the text.

The political program of the government Theresa may last for two years, that is, if the conservatives hold power in the country, this throne speech will not. The government explained the extension of the Parliament session that because the negotiations with the EU on the conditions of exit of Britain from the Union of the last two years, it would be logical if the same will last parliamentary session, the Central theme on the agenda of which will be to develop a new legislative framework and decision problems related to Brexit. Opposition parties, however, did not accept this argument, stating that the conservatives are afraid of «not to push» the second throne speech in the Parliament, and extending the parliamentary session, just simplify your life. Whatever it was, the government had to «fit» a political program for two years in small text (in the printed view of the Queen’s speech is less than three pages), which does not take much strength 91-year-old Queen. However, many things were not included in the speech from the throne clearly not because they don’t have enough space.

What was not included in the text

In the text of the throne speech did not include many of the measures announced by the Conservative party in the election Manifesto, and was extremely unpopular.

As told RIA Novosti informed sources close to the government, the Queen not a word is said about the abolition of free school meals for primary school children and the so-called «dementia tax» — the proposal of the conservatives to exclude housing from the «fireproof» assets that cannot be sold after death on account of debts for social assistance. These sentences became one of the reasons for the failure of the conservatives in the election and the subsequent resignation of the heads of the machine may.

No word has been said about the revival of schools for gifted children – this project was represented by the Prime Minister personally, but he did not find understanding neither among the opposition or among party colleagues.

«Dropped out» of the speech and the promise may return to Fox hunting – the traditional fun of the British nobility, strongly condemned by environmentalists and the opposition labour party.

Finally, the Queen did not mention the planned this year state visit of the President of the United States Donald trump.

«Prince Philip and I will gladly accept Their Majesties king Felipe and Queen Letizia Spanish, who will arrive on a state visit in July,» said the Queen, without mentioning a word about trump.

The news that Mei during the first meeting with trump invited him to visit the United Kingdom state visit, called in the UK a wave of protests. Many Britons, including parliamentarians, angered by the migration policy of the American President and is opposed to the celebration in their homeland.

New promises

The speech from the throne this time did not bring much news. Among the promises of the government, which with some degree of conditionality can be called new, pledged in connection with the Brexit to develop a number of draft laws, including on migration, sanctions and nuclear safety.

«It will be introduced a bill to repeal European legislation, the purpose of which is to provide certainty for people and businesses. This bill will be supplemented by other bills aimed at that the United Kingdom has achieved success from Brexit. This includes the development of national strategies in the areas of migration, international sanctions, nuclear safety, agriculture and fisheries,» said the Queen.

Also, the government has committed itself to prepare a draft law on trade which will establish the legislative basis for concluding free trade agreements with non-European countries after Brexit.

As expected, the Queen announced that the government will prepare a bill to increase sector space development, designed, in particular, to send artificial satellites from the UK.

Another proposed bill aims to support sustainable modes of transport, reducing the cost of electric cars and increase the number of charging points for them.

Development of the transport network became the task of another bill, which was presented by the Queen.

Also Elizabeth II announced that the UK government will create the post of an independent counsel to aid victims of the terrible fire in a residential building in London, which killed at least 79 people. «My government will initiate a full public hearing in connection with the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, to establish its causes and to learn lessons. To support victims, the government will take measures to establish the post of independent public advocate to represent the interests of needy families after the disaster and to help them during public proceedings,» said the Queen.

Careful speech

A large part of the speech was devoted to the confirmation of claims that dozens of times did the Prime Minister and members of the government.

So, the Cabinet has pledged to support a peaceful settlement in the middle East and to combat terrorism, continue to play an active role in NATO, to do everything to ensure that Brexit was successful for the country and to prevent the abuse of people based on race, religion or sexual orientation.

Elizabeth II has also confirmed that the government will create a special Commission for counteraction to extremism.

The speech from the throne was very cautious and General, which is understandable, considering that, unlike most previous speeches, there is no guarantee that articulated political programme to be carried out, no. The fate of the government hangs in the balance. The fact that the Prime Minister Theresa may, wishing to strengthen the already strong position of conservatives in Parliament and announced early elections on June 8, which was a fiasco: the Conservative party lost its absolute majority in Parliament, giving it the right to sole rule. Now Mei hurriedly talks on possible cooperation with the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland (DUP), had a choice of ten mandates. The talks are clearly not just expected that they will be completed at the end of last week, but now it is unlikely that agreement will be reached early next week. Discussion of the text of the speech from the throne in Parliament and vote on it on 29 June will be a test for the new government, because the labour party and some other parties have stated that they intend to prevent its approval.

Crown separately from the Queen

Usually the official opening of Parliament is one of the most striking ceremonies in the UK, but the current throne speech 91-year-old Queen was custom and ceremonial point of view.

Due to political unrest and changes in preparation for large-scale public processions have been impossible. So this time the Queen arrived from Buckingham Palace to Parliament in a state carriage, and on the machine. From the crown and mantle, the Queen also refused, preferring casual clothes and a hat. Against the background of lords, dressed in ceremonial robes, the Queen in a bright blue coat and hat with flowers to tone looked too modest.

Quite without a crown, however, it was not the state crown, with other regalia are usually stored in the tower of London, was taken a separate car and was resting on the table of the house of Lords during speech of Queen Elizabeth II.

At the ceremony the Queen was accompanied by the eldest son and heir to the throne Prince Charles of Wales: he had replaced the admitted to hospital on the eve of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh Philip.