Thousands of Muscovites during the day, took part in choosing the name for TPK

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Sameinstrument station Business center of the Third interchange circuit of the Moscow metro. Archival photoThousands of Muscovites during the day, took part in choosing the name for TPK© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Samarin

In voting on the choice of the name for the new underground circle metro for the day was attended by 77 549 people, reports the portal of the government of Moscow. At the moment, 32,94% of the voters think that thread fits the working title — the Third interchange circuit.

Their names sent for 21.75% of the votes. According to 22 June received almost 17 thousand sentences. Undecided 28,67%of the participants, and of 16.64% left the decision of this question to the experts.

The most active participants of vote were residents of the Eastern district of the capital. They’ve had almost 6.5 million views. Also, 6246 proposals were sent by the inhabitants of the southern and South-Eastern districts.

The third interchange circuit will be a new circular metro line. The branch length of over 60 kilometres will connect all the radial branch. TPK will open on 31 stations, of which 17 will intersect with the radial lines of metro and seven it will be possible to use the commuter trains, and two trains of the Moscow Central ring.