Ukraine enjoys free trade with the EU, and he puts her on her knees, said Kuchma

© AFP 2017 / Vasily MaximovВид on Khreschatyk street in Kiev, Ukraine. Archival photoUkraine enjoys free trade with the EU, and he puts her on her knees, said Kuchma© 2017 AFP / Vasily Maximov

The European Union «puts on the knees» of Ukraine, which is regarded as a raw materials appendage, the country should unite for the further development and not to walk through the world with outstretched hands, says ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. He stated that the Baltic-black sea forum, «the Dawn of Europe: the historical pattern of civilizational choice», the stream of his speech led the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

According to Kuchma, now there is no unity, neither in society nor among politicians that prevents solving problems. In addition, in recent years, the economy is in serious crisis and practically does not develop.

«We are about the economy generally forgotten. We collapse completely, high-tech industries has almost no missile and space industry no aircraft there… We become a raw materials appendage: our metallurgists remained, chemistry, agriculture. Where are we going?» he said.

According to policy, you should not rely on the help of the EU, as Europe perceives the country only as a raw appendage. He also criticized the EU for its lack of real development assistance to Ukraine.

«We are happy with our choice of European, free trade with Europe. And than we trade with Europe? Look at the statistics, there is, in addition to wheat and agriculture, practically nothing. Quoting is hard and for the first quarter, we almost all quotas have selected. Now let’s see how the Europeans put us on my knees, let’s chop wood on the spot and bring us. Where specific assistance to Ukraine, so we grew up? Because if we beggars that we are, we are not wanted. View in Europe by the press about Ukraine is already almost nobody remembers,» said Kuchma.

According to him, «no need to go cap in hand around the world and ask for money.» «If we do not come to their senses and start to deal with the problems, and if people do not believe in the power and we will not who in one direction to pull, no forums will not help, we do our business will not do», — he added.