US exchanges mainly declined following the oil price

© AP Photo / Kathy WillensСпециалист the new York stock exchangeUS exchanges mainly declined following the oil price© AP Photo / Kathy Willens

U.S. stock indexes on Wednesday have not demonstrated a single dynamics on the background of fluctuations in oil prices, according to the auction.

The DJIA index fell by 0.27% to 21410,03 points. The index of technology companies NASDAQ Composite rose 0.74% to 6233,95 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 fell by 0.06% to 2435,61 points.

«Technology take a break for the first time? This is normal, and other sectors want to take the bull by the horns», — quotes Agency MarketWatch the opinion of the chief markets analyst at Raymond James Andrew Adams (Andrew Adams). World oil prices on Wednesday decreased by 2.4 to 2.78 per cent on data on growth in US production. Commercial oil stocks in the country (excluding strategic reserves) for the week ended June 16 fell by 2.5 million barrels, or 0.5% to 509,1 million barrels. Analysts expect a decrease by 0.41%.

The number of transactions for the sale of housing on the secondary market in the U.S. in may unexpectedly rose 1.1% from a revised April, to 5.62 million, while experts predicted a reduction in the number of transactions by 0.5% to 5.55 million.

In annual terms, sales of second homes rose in may by 2.7%. According to the Association, the share of distressed real estate on the secondary housing market of the United States in may amounted to 5% of the total amount as in April.