In Chile, declassified documents of world war II

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenitymi channel. Archival photoIn Chile, declassified documents of world war II© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiy

Special services Chile, declassified documents of world war II, showing that Nazi spies in the country had planned to destroy the Panama canal.

The Panama canal during the Second world war was controlled by the US government and served as a major shipping artery for the transfer of cargo for the needs of the allies.

According to the associated Press, Chilean intelligence was able to prevent the conspiracy after the arrest of the leaders of the spy network in the port of Valparaiso.

Declassified documents show that only in Chile has been arrested about 40 spies operating in favor of Nazi Germany. They had discovered the cipher notebooks, radios and weapons.

In addition to the plan for the decommissioning of the Panama canal Nazi agents were preparing to mine a mine in Northern Chile, the Agency said AFP.