In Gothenburg during the riots, unknown persons set fire to cars

© REUTERS / TT News Agency/Noella Oopla in Sweden. Archival photoIn Gothenburg during the riots, unknown persons set fire to cars© REUTERS / TT News Agency/Noella Johansson

Riots with burning cars and throwing stones at police-staged a group of young people in the neighborhood Lansmansgarden in Gothenburg in Western Sweden, reports local newspaper Göteborgs posten.

«In the night of Friday in the district Lansmansgarden were set ablaze several cars. In arrived on the scene, a police patrol had thrown stones and the police fired a warning shot,» — writes the edition.

Police spokesman Goran Carlbom, commenting on the publication of the incident, said that the decision on the warning shots the police is not so often.

«By the police such is done infrequently, but in this case felt compelled to do it. The youth threw stones at police officers,» he explained.

According to him, they were about 15-20 young people who, after a warning shot, quickly fled.

According to reports the city rescue service the fire was set in three places of the neighborhood, burned a few cars in the Parking lot (number not known). Because of one of the burning cars were affected tree, the organizers of the riots had also set fire to rubbish, lay in several containers. The fire was quickly extinguished. Reports of detainees and victims.