India made a successful rocket launch with 31 satellite

© AFP 2017 / Arun Epigenetika booster. Archival photoIndia made a successful rocket launch with 31 satellite© AFP 2017 / Arun Sankar

India on Friday made a successful launch of the PSLV-C38 with 31 satellites, according to Indian space research organization (ISRO).

It is reported that the rocket was launched from the spaceport at Sriharikota island, Bay of Bengal.

The main cargo was an Indian Cartosat-2 satellite, which weighs 712 pounds and is designed to monitor the Earth’s surface. The remaining 30 nano-satellites in total weigh 243 pounds, with only one of them belongs to India. The remaining 29 belong to the 14 foreign countries: Austria, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, the UK and the USA.

«Congratulations to ISRO since the forties on account of successful launch of rocket Polar satellite c 31 from 15 countries. We are proud of you!» — wrote on his Twitter page Prime Minister Narendra modi.

In turn, Vilnius University said that with India on Friday at the orbit was launched the third Lithuanian satellite Lituanica SAT-2, created by scientists of the University together with Nano Avionics. In the message the University says that the Lithuanians are involved in the QB50 project, which aims to launch into space a number of small satellites. According to the University, the satellites will investigate lower layers of the atmosphere. The project is managed by the Belgian Background of Karmanovskaya Institute of hydrodynamics, on the project for more than six years working scientists from 23 countries and 50 universities.

As said the representative of the faculty of physics of Vilnius University Liudas Tumanis, launch several small satellites instead of one large is due to the fact that discharged in the thermosphere, the atmosphere stops great companions. «Through the use of several dozen small satellites at various points measure various parameters of the thermosphere. If one satellite fails — the mission immediately ends, and if you fail a few, as I call them, miniature satellites we will be able to continue the research. By the way, all the satellites together are like one big satellite,» — are reported words of Tomania.

PSLV-C38 Successfully Launches Cartosat-2 Series Satellite along with 30 Co-passenger Satellites

— ISRO (@isro) 23 Jun 2017